The Church in Vietnam is alive and well especially among the thousands of house churches.

Since the ruling communist government came into power (1975) Vietnam has been a restricted access nation for missionary work. In the light of this, specific details and information regarding our workers and their ministries needs to be limited. The security of all our partners is an absolute priority.


Typical Street Scene – Hanoi

Nevertheless, we serve the God who opens doors that no man can shut, His favour and grace always makes a way. BHI has relationships with the major House Church movements encompassing the whole nation. As in all the nations we are privilege to work, the main focus is leadership development, to encourage, edify, equip and empower the church of God; train workers, pastors and church planters. 


With over 25 years of experience ministering into Vietnam our friend AJ has seen the rapid growth of the House Church and witnessed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit all over the country accompanied by supernatural healings and miracles. Read now the Glorious Stories of the Work of the Holy Spirit.

The Church in Vietnam is alive and well especially among the thousands of house churches, which exist throughout the country. The Evangelical Church of Vietnam North and South are government sanctioned. They too are active and growing, but not at the same rate as the House Church. In recent years some House Church movements have received government registration, but they continue to be scrutinised by the government.

Most of the house churches came about as a result of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1988. Believers had gathered to pray, seek the Lord and cry out for His touch on their lives and nation. God answered their cry and poured out the Holy Spirit. The believers testified of receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. 

The main leaders of the Evangelical Church opposed the experience and especially the speaking in tongues. The pastors and believers that had been baptised in the Holy Spirit and experienced the renewal did not want to return to the old ways and therefore were forced to leave their churches. Thus the House Church movements began.

Signs, wonders, healing and miracles became common place with many coming to Christ. The renewed zeal, enthusiasm and equipping of believers by the Holy Spirit resulted in many new converts and new house churches quickly sprang up. Due to the government restrictions on new churches not being permitted believers, began to meet secretly in their homes.

Believers attending these new churches came under attack and were persecuted for following Christ. As a result of operating unregistered and illegal churches many pastors and workers were arrested and imprisoned. Believers were beaten and sometimes houses were destroyed and belongings were confiscated. People lost their jobs and in some cases children of house church pastors were denied access to government schools. 

Today, there is still persecution in many regions, beatings and church closures, especially among the ethnic tribal minority groups. However, at the same time others, in different regions are enjoying a welcomed easing of the restrictions. Nevertheless, things are far from “free” caution and wisdom needs to be continually exercised.

Water baptism candidates

The church in Vietnam continues to grow. A great passion for the Holy Spirit is still evident. In the North and the South church planting remains a priority for many of the movements. Essential elements of the life of the church in Vietnam is their commitment to the Word of God, prayer, discipling and training and a definite reliance on the Holy Spirit with an expectation for His power to be displayed.

However the majority of churches are among some of the ethnic minority of which there are 54 groups. With a total population of over 97 million, the ethnic Viet (Kinh) is the largest people group, comprising 85% of the population. However, 97% of this group is still unreached. There are numerous missions organisations working alongside churches across the nation to reach this large portion of the population.

Opportunities to assist with aid and humanitarian projects also exist and BHI is proud to be associated with the House of Hope  and  Bethel Rehab Ministries.

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