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viet_map(1)From a mission’s perspective Vietnam is known as a “restricted access nation”. Therefore, reports, information and details about our workers and their role needs to be considered with that in mind. For the security of our partners we cannot be as detailed as we would like.

Our associate workers have been ministering in Vietnam since October 1994. Praise the Lord for He is the One who opens a door that no man can shut.

Their main focus has been helping strengthen and encourage the church through leadership training and development. The training of local (house) church pastors, workers and church planters has been and remains the priority.

You can contribute to this program to aid in the spread of the Gospel and assist church planting throughout Vietnam by making a donation today.

This ministry has the privilege to partner with some of the most amazing men and women of God who are serving Christ today. Their faith is an inspiration, their love and commitment is to be admired and imitated.

Church – Alive

VEF2_5_9_04The Church in Vietnam is alive and well especially among the thousands of house churches which exist throughout the country. The Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN), government approved, is active and growing, but not at the same rate as the House Church. In recent years some House Church movements have received government approval and registration. They continue to be scrutinised by the government..

In the South there is a coalition of 29 House Church Movements (VEF) whose executive members are based in HCM City. A similar network also exists in the North.

Come Holy Spirit

In 1988 there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on believers who had gathered to pray, seek the Lord and cry out for His touch on their lives and nation. They testified of receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit with the evidence speaking in tongues. Many leaders of the ECVN oppose this experience and especially the speaking in tongues. The pastors and believers that had been baptised in the Holy Spirit were forced to leave their churches. Thus the birthing of the House Church.

Nearly three decades later this work of the Holy Spirit continues.

Signs, wonders, healing and miracles became common place with many coming to Christ. The renewed zeal, enthusiasm and equipping of believers by the Holy Spirit resulted in many new converts and new churches were quickly planted. Due to the government restrictions new churches were not permitted to be started and so believers began to meet secretly in their homes.

Trials & difficulties

These new churches began to come under attack and persecution ensued from then until today. As a result of operating “illegal” unregistered churches many pastors and workers were arrested and spent time in prison. Believers were beaten and sometimes houses and belongings were confiscated. People lost their jobs and in some cases children of house church pastors were denied access to government schools.

Today, there is still persecution in many regions, beatings and church closures, especially among the ethnic tribal minority groups, while at the same time others are enjoying a welcomed easing of the restrictions. Nevertheless, things are far from “free” and caution and wisdom needs to be exercised continually.


The church in Vietnam continues to grow. The House Church faces the challenges of becoming institutionalised and in some ways influenced by the church in the west. However, a great passion for the Holy Spirit is still evident and church planting remains a priority among many of the movements. In the north church planting is taking place at a rapid rate. There is a great unity among all the churches in Hanoi, ECVN(N) and the House Church.

There is a very real sense and evidence that a fresh wave of the Spirit is sweeping across the nation. Our workers report that the hunger for the Holy Spirit is still very much apparent. An essential element of the life of the church in Vietnam is their commitment to prayer, a reliance on the Holy Spirit and an expectation for His power to be displayed.

The leaders and believers of the house churches throughout Vietnam are to be commended for their faith, love, commitment and tenacity in serving Jesus. They are truly an inspiration to us all.

We invite your prayers for Vietnam.

IMG_8504Aid Programs

Opportunities to assist with humanitarian projects also exist and Beyond Here is a proud supporter of the Bethel Rehab Ministries that runs a number of drug rehab centres for men in the Hanoi region. Read more…

Ministry opportunities

If you are seeking an opportunity to serve the church in Vietnam; to visit, pray and encourage, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the Get In Touch form in the righthand panel.

Facts & Statistics

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has a population of over 90 million people (the 13th most populous nation in the world) and is one of the few remaining Communist nations in the world today.

  • Vietnam has one of the world’s fastest growing economies
  • Govt’ predicts inflation rate to rise to 15% – 17% by end of 2011
  • Average wage is around $60 – $70 per month
  • The minimum wage: $30 – $50 a month
  • Up to 24% live on $1 a day or less
  • Literacy is reported at over 90%
  • Poverty prevents high numbers of students from continuing on to High School or higher education.
  • Median age is 28
  • Life expectancy: Male 72 Female 76
  • A UNICEF report says, one-third of Vietnamese children suffer from malnutrition, and an alarming number of them have been sold into prostitution.
  • Accurate figures on the sex trade are difficult to find, but it does exist.
  • The abortion rate is increasing. Vietnam has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, approximately two million abortions annually.

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