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THE EXHORTER is a prophetic voice aimed at helping encourage, edify and build up followers of Jesus Christ. Sharing truth and insights relevant to today’s issues, teaching and applying principles and values of the Kingdom of God.

Since first published in May 1981 it has been a source of blessing, encouragement and inspiration to many readers over the years. Now available online the publication is free and able to be downloaded and distributed.

The First edition was entitled “Presence – People – Program” and was so well received that it became the launching pad of a ministry of encouragement and exhortation to the Body of Christ. The publication was posted free to a mailing list around the world, which by the late 80’s had grown to approximately 800. However, many more received and read The Exhorter as many envelopes contained multiple copies, which had been requested and then distributed. Plus, a number of churches and groups also copied and distributed it further among their own networks.

The author…

Robin J. Johnson is a recognised leader in the Body of Christ, an apostle/teacher/preacher, travels internationally mainly speaking in Leadership Conferences and Schools. He has served Christ for over 45 years in various capacities, is an author and along with his wife Janette is presently based in Australia. Read more

NOTE:  Permission to copy/distribute in part or whole is granted, but not for resale. Quotes must remain in context and the source acknowledged please, including…. “Used by permission – THE EXHORTER – © Author / Beyond Here Inc.”


“Thank you sir. Please keep sending me the Exhorter. It is really very encouraging. Praise God for this ministry and thank you.”


“A good word brother, thanks for this! Look forward to receiving this publication.”


“Just wanted to say well done on The Exhorter”


“Enjoyed reading the Exhorter!”


“Thanks for the word you brought. I believe that the experiences you shared would definitely encourage and motivate the people to move with God and obey God”


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