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Prepared for Battle – Surviving the War

A seminar to help prepare and sustain you to live a life of victory and whilst in the midst of a spiritual battle, to maintain an effective ministry.

This is a fresh and not so conventional look at “spiritual warfare” and in particular the preparation for battle. We are promised victory and success in the Word of God, so why is it that we see many fall, stumble and are even completely knocked out?

This seminar attempts to answer that question and gives some strategies and insights into entering, remaining and living in the victory promised.

It is all very well to rush into battle, but if we are not adequately prepared or have faulty armour, then the consequences can be lethal.

Whatever is your area of ministry and involvement in the work of God; full or part time, pastoral, leadership, intercessory prayer, small group, evangelism and outreach, you will benefit from this seminar.

Based in the Book of Ephesians you will find it challenging, informative and inspiring. Robin Johnson, the seminar facilitator, says:

“I am constantly amazed at the grace of God which has sustained my life and ministry these past 40 years. However, I also feel frustrated and dismayed to see others fall and become shipwrecked along the way. 

“During teaching a series on the “Amour of God” in Asia I believe the Lord challenged me to refine and add to that material, that which I now offer to you as the seminar, Prepared for Battle – Surviving the War”.

Don’t become another statistic, a casualty of war, learn to stand and having done all… Stand!

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