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Revival fire falls in Cambodia

NOTE: We have left this report online because though it is over five years since this crusade the effect of this breakthrough still impacts the region and the host church. People still bring their sick and demon possessed for prayer. The victory continues, in Jesus name….

DSCF5097It is a new day and there is a sense that this is Cambodia’s time for revival…..

Over three days and nights during a recent pastor’s conference in the Kampot Province hundreds came to Christ and healings and miracles were recorded nightly. In the evenings we held a public gospel crusade with an estimated 1000 to 1500 people attending each night. I claimed 100 souls for the first night and the team agreed with me. We were not disappointed.

The second night we saw nearly two hundred respond for salvation and the third night I’m not sure, but they were 20 people wide and about 14 rows back. Glory to God!

Miracles and healing also broke out. Deaf ears were opened, the dumb spoke, all manner of healing took place and demons were cast out. Many came forward to testify of instant healing. It was awesome to behold, it was all the work of our God; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

In the middle of my preaching on the last night a demon possessed woman was carried kicking, screaming, blood flowing from her eyes and lifted up on to the platform. I was half way through a story. We took authority over those demons and told them to go in Jesus name. I then returned to preaching and many came forward for salvation and healing.

DSCF5154Once she regained consciousness some ladies took her and continued to minister to her. Sunday morning she came to church and sat in front of me with a big smile on her face.

One of  the pictures that stands out the most in our minds is the smile on the little girls face who heard and began to make sounds for the first time.

A few days later we were in the Prey Veng Province for a one day meeting. Once again in this village the power of God was made manifest and about 50 people made first time decisions to follow Jesus Christ. Many, many people testified of receiving their healing. Seven Monks from the nearby Temple also came and heard a clear and precise Gospel message. We can but pray that the “Word” works mightily in them, in Jesus’ Name!

Ministering alongside Robin & Janette in the conference and supporting the Crusade was a long time serving pastor and missionary  now based in Thailand. He writes:

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to participate in the meetings in Cambodia. You have “provoked me unto righteousness” by demonstrating the power of God in your meetings. It has been too long since I have seen literally hundreds come to salvation, deaf hear, dumb to speak and the lame walking, all in one meeting. It was a blessing to see those results each time you ministered the Word of God–in simplicity. You are truly a man sent by God to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven among men, and to stir up the gifts that are within. Blessings to you and Janette. Continue serving Him in
Word and Deed

Pastor Rand Montgomery, Thailand

I believe we are in a season of revival and God wants to repeat this over and over again. Wherever there are hungry people willing to call on the Lord and gather together to seek HIS face, HE will come and pour out the Holy Spirit , save, heal and restore in Jesus Name.

Yours for revival,

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