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An introduction into Christian essentials for new believers

This edition is an adapted and updated version from a popular study series for new believers written in the mid 8os by the same author.

Robin Johnson has created a unique introduction to fundamental Christian practice with the view of raising up disciples of Jesus Christ. There are 10 Studies plus revision pages and a section to encourage the new believer to press into all that God has provided.

The book has received positive and encouraging comments, with two shown below.

“This small book is power packed with keys and helpful tools. Robin, guides the new follower of Jesus towards foundational truths that will enhance their development hugely.”  Nick Klinkenberg NZ

“I thoroughly studied your book. This is great effort to teach basic things of Christianity. Your method is very simple & easy to learn.”  John William Pakistan

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The Friend    Teacher’s Guidelines

Authors Note


1 Saved

2 New Life

3 Pray

4 Read the Word

5 Holy Spirit

6 Discipleship

7 Be Baptised

8 Fellowship

9 Be a Witness

Revision & Reflection

Keep On Growing


A word of encouragement is written at the beginning of the book, which you can read here.

Author’s Note

Welcome to Start Right – Grow Strong

I am so pleased that you have chosen to follow Jesus and have surrendered your life to Him. Yes, you have just begun an exciting and wonderful journey with the living God our heavenly Father. It was always His plan to have you join His family and now that you have, congratulations.

This series of studies is a very basic introduction to essential Christian practices. My hope and prayer is that the studies will provide a great foundation for you to start building your new life in Christ.

I remember back to my own conversion, 49 years ago, and how exciting it was to be born from above (Study 2) and experience God’s love, grace and forgiveness in a dynamic way. As I had no church background or intention of becoming a Christian and knew very few true believers, my conversion was a dramatic turn around.

I was not given any studies such as these to begin with, but was blessed to have close friends who took care of me (Study 6) and I also started attending a great local church (Study 8).

Along with those two elements, I can remember four other things that impacted my life.

1. I was told to start reading the Bible. I only had a New Testament to begin with and started reading the Gospel of John. I could not put it down and every night in my bed I read it. Sometimes when all the lights in the house were turned off I would find my torch and read by torchlight (Study 4).

2. I also learnt quickly to pray and found I could talk to God and tell Him everything I was going through and seek His help with everything in my life (Study 3).

3. Two weeks after surrendering to Jesus I was baptised in the Holy Spirit (Study 5), which was the second radical experience I had as a new believer. Being filled with the Holy Spirit was the launching pad to my ministry because from that night I knew I was going to tell people everywhere, for the rest of my life, who Jesus is (Study 9).

4. Someone gave me a little packet of small cards with different Bible verses written on them and told me to memorise them. To this day I still remember some of those verses.

These studies are only just a beginning. With certainty I can tell you that the Lord has no intention of stopping this wonderful work, which He has begun in you.

My prayer for you is; 

“May the excitement and joy you are experiencing having met Jesus, had your sins forgiven and becoming a child of God, never cease and continue with increasing great joy, in Jesus name!”

With love & blessings,

Robin J Johnson 

Connecting people to the presence, love & power of God