A vast majority of people when asked if they would like to go heaven when they die answer yes or I hope so.

The message of the Good News of the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ, God’s son died, was buried and on the third day rose from the dead, when believed has and still is transforming millions of lives from the very first time it was spoken to the present day

Whether one wisely chooses to believe in Jesus and follow Him or foolishly rejects Him, this is the single most important decision that a person will ever make in their life. 

The material provided here is for your use when witnessing and sharing Christ with someone yet to surrender their life to Jesus. This material is free and can be downloaded (PDF) for you to use.

Amazing Grace

  • Every person is important and a valued human being
  • They are loved by God as He demonstrated by sending His son Jesus to die for their sin
  • Forgiveness, love, joy and peace is freely given to the one who surrenders to God
  • Abundant life, now and forever is promised to every person who follows Jesus Christ.

Life is for Living 

Both of the editions available below have been used over many years to successfully introduce people to Jesus Christ. It started with the dynamic ‘Witnessing Aid’ with people responding and making commitments to Christ from its very first use. From this edition came the booklet, which when read from cover reveals a clear presentation of the Good News.

Witnessing Aid

This is a powerful tool designed to use when sharing the Good News one to one. Each page has a heading to prompt the conversation, a scripture reference and eye catching graphics. You can use this outline of the Gospel and interweave your own conversion story to help introduce people to Jesus and salvation.


Gospel Tract

This booklet is a colourful, powerful, thought provoking, clear presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. When it is read from cover to cover it gives a simple, but precise understanding of the Gospel. It can be used when witnessing to unsaved family, friends, contacts and/or can be given to them to read for themselves.

Download Life is for living

NOTE:  The printed version of the tract is available FREE – Only the postage needs to be paid for. You can request a free sample, please click here and use our contact form.

Door of Hope

Throughout the world there are many voices that claim to offer hope, truth and an alternative life, yet they are unable to deliver on their promise of peace, which so many seek. There is only one who offers true peace and is able to deliver on His promise, Jesus Christ.

This modern, colourful tract is an ideal tool for reaching people who are seeking an alternative lifestyle and spiritual experience.

The language and presentation may appeal to people seeking a spiritual encounter

A compact, unique and clear message directs its readers to the “Door of Hope” Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal life.

Its contemporary appearance and language is suited for the seeker of “truth” and “enlightenment”

This tract has been previously used by outreach teams at “New Age” festivals and events.

Download Door of hope

100% Protection

This is an important, honest and alternative message for young people who are sexually active or contemplating this step.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI’s) are increasing and in many places, reaching epidemic proportions. This is a simple and crucial message for young people who are at risk of catching a STI.

A 100% guarantee not to become pregnant or catch a STI. This a timely warning that might just save someones health, future and life!