Start Right – Grow Strong

$5.00 +PP

The book contains a series of 10 studies as a basic introduction to essential Christian beliefs and practices for new believers, which is intended to lay a good foundation in their first steps toward becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. The book contains a revision section and a further section to encourage the new believer to grow strong.

The book has received high commendation from several people who are using it to introduce new believers to the Christian life and discipleship.

“This small book is power packed with keys and helpful tools. Robin, guides the new follower of Jesus towards foundational truths that will enhance their development hugely. Enjoy this easy to read, practical guide.”

Nick Klinkenberg – Church planting catalyst, speaker and author.

“This is great effort to teach basic things of Christianity. Your method is very simple and easy to learn.”

John William – Save Foundation Ministry Lahore, Pakistan


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Faith Love & Hope – Vietnam

$19.95 +PP

The book tells the story of the author AJ his first 22 years of involvement visiting and ministering in Vietnam and witnessing the dynamic outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the rapid church growth (House Churches), seeing miracles and healing and transformed lives. 

Dr Che Ahn wrote in the Foreword of the book:

In “Faith, Love and Hope,” AJ shares an inspiring and extensive memoir detailing the powerful move of the Holy Spirit in Vietnam, that began in 1988 and has continued to grow as he and his wife have served in ministry to the nation over the last 22 years.

‘Faith, Love and Hope’ is a rousing story of being cast forth into the harvest field, as a laborer of love, demonstrating what God can do with each of our lives when we embrace the adventure of knowing that while we may make our plans it is the Lord Who is determining our steps (Proverbs 16:9). You cannot read AJ’s book and walk away without a passion to pray for those in the mission field, and stirred in hunger for the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide not only your ministry, but your life.

This a stirring true story, that has had excellent reviews, receiving praise and generous comments from the book’s readers.

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This is also available as a PDF version. Click here to ask if you qualify for the FREE PDF VERSION

God Uses Ordinary People

$5.00 +PP

This is an excellent and practical book on personal evangelism (Published 1999), suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to be effective in witnessing to family and friends. It is filled with practical guidelines and exciting testimonies that can only help every reader to be more motivated and effective in their personal evangelism and sharing Christ. It is a great resource and has also been used in the past as a text book in Schools of Evangelism.

The author, Robin J Johnson said, “I wrote the book to encourage ordinary people, like me, that they can share Jesus in a natural, simple and non-confrontational manner where they live, work and play.”

God Uses Ordinary People is engaging, easy to read and inspirational. As one reader wrote,

“I couldn’t put it down once I started, I just had to keep reading.”



Penguin Lost at Sea

$2.00 +PP

A delightful and entertaining children’s book. Ideal as a bedtime story or easily read by a young independent reader (8-10 years). Children, parents and educators have praised the book.

The story of an adventurous young penguin who went off alone in search of his breakfast, got lost and almost became someone’s breakfast himself.

The clever illustrations spotted throughout the book enhance this entertaining story.

Parents seeking wholesome reading material for their young children will be very pleased with this book.


Emu Cheese

$3.00 +PP

An enthralling story for children. Parents usually get as much enjoyment out of reading the story as do the children listening. Or it can be easily read by the young independent reader (10-12 years).

The story of a curious and adventurous young emu who journeyed from his outback home, got lost and almost created his own new brand of cheese.

Once when read to a Grade 3 Class of children, at the conclusion the children spontaneously began to clap. Reporting this the teacher said,

“In 20 years of teaching I’ve never had that happen before.”

The simple and creative illustrations throughout the book also adds to its appeal.  Children love it, parents and educators speak highly of this fun, creative and entertaining story.