There are a number of resources available, some that can be purchased with others free to download.

Coming soon:   Among our resources is the Library where articles, teaching material and sermon notes can be found. The library collection will be continually added to as new material becomes available.

Some of the material available come from sources out side BHI, but because of relationship we are happy to list their articles in the library and also provide links (below) to other sites where resources are available.

Other sites of interest


A prayer initiative to encourage, inspire, teach and raise up more men to pray. Women are also invited and welcome to join, knowing full-well that it is the many faith-filled women who have stood in the gap, when men were absent.

Nick Klinkenberg
Nick Klinkenberg facilitates and oversees the pioneering of new churches, networks, and movements. As an author and leader he coaches and encourages believers worldwide. Resources on his website include his books, plus regular video and blog articles relating to Christian faith and the expansion of the Body of Christ.

Empowered 21

2023 – 2033: A Decade of Evangelism for Everyone. In 2033 the world will celebrate the 2000 year anniversary of Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and the birth of the Church on the Day of Pentecost. We believe the decade leading up to 2033 will be a defining decade, a decade in which it is possible for every person on earth to hear the gospel.


A strong society has its foundations in truth. Binary Australia exists to protect and defend fundamental truth, and raise awareness about those who wish to tear it down.

We affirm the fact that Sex is Binary. Male and Female. We avow biological truth.

Our organisation aims to promote and honour the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women; celebrating the true strength of the diversity those differences grant.


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