The vision of House of Hope (HOH) is to become a refuge for poor and abandoned children.

The ministry is located in the midst of a poor community located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. This is an outreach to children, providing a safe place for them while their parents are working. Their parents have relocated from remote areas of Vietnam. Their income is low and what they earn is not sufficient to cover the weekly expenses of these families.

Lunch time

The founders of HOH, Minh & Blessing, started the Daycare Centre, to ensure that these children are not left at home alone, or left to play outside the streets where they face many real dangers. The centre provides a secure and safe place for young children to study, learn, and play. Parents can bring their children to the Daycare during working hours giving them peace and assurance in their hearts that their children are safe and well taken care of. 

The children are taught English, helping prepare them for their future. They receive two meals a day, a bath after their playtime and an afternoon nap. The children are cared for from early morning into the evening. The staff look after the children until the parents pick them up and in some cases that is up to 9pm.

Prior to starting the Daycare Centre a number of orphans were taken in and cared for. These children came from either broken homes or were orphaned due to the death of both parents. The children were provided with a place that they could call “home”, attended school and given the basic necessities of life. Those children who were first taken in and cared for are now all grown up. Some are still studying at University, but others have married and have families of their own.

The ministry’s founder and leader stated
“As it is our vision to help the destitute and needy children, we will continue to receive them into our home. My wife and I have known that God has called us to this kind of ministry; to help the poor and needy children where we can show and bring the love of God to them.”

House of Hope has helped to better the lives of many displaced and destitute children. The potential of the children is developed by teaching them Christian values, cultivating in their hearts and mind the love for God, for people and for country and making a difference in their parents lives.

Presently (2020) in the Daycare Centre Centre are 40 children, 2 staff and 6 teachers.

Parents of the daycare children contribute a small amount for their children to attend, but sponsorship is very much needed to make up for the shortfall to keep the centre running.

HOH is a well run and efficient ministry with excellent staff and facilities, which have been developed over last four years through hard work and sacrifice. BHI is honoured to be associated with and partner in this work, endorsing its leaders and operation.

For this crucial ministry to continue the work of caring for these children they need our support in prayer and finance. Your financial help is invaluable and will go a long way to keep the doors of the House of Hope open.

Your support is invited as your gift will help this important work continue and expand.  DONATE

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