The vision of House of Hope Ministry (HOHM) is to help destitute and needy children.

“On behalf of the House of Hope Ministry (HOHM) team I would like to say,  ‘Thank you to everyone praying for and supporting us financially. It has been a blessed journey for us over the past years.’”  MT – Founder & Leader.

The vision of the founders of the HOHM is to help destitute and needy children. MT says, “My wife and I have clearly known that God called us to this kind of ministry; to help the poor and needy children where we can show and bring the love of God to them.”

From their early twenties this husband and wife team have faithfully pursued their vision with great success. In years past they took a number of orphaned children into their own home and raised them. These are now grown up and living active and productive lives. A Day Child Care Centre for local children was also established and ran successfully for several years as well as specific outreaches to families in their locality.

Seasons change and in 2021 HOHM is developing and stepping into new and challenging areas of ministry to bring Good News to children and their families along with support, practical help, and assistance.

Volunteers prepare food for children and families

House of Hope Ministry Founder & Leader outlines the new, exciting and challenging spheres of the ministry.

“Our ministry has been through a lot of challenges, but by God’s grace we are able to make it this far. We have evaluated all that we have done and have made some adjustments. A major decision was to close the Day Childcare. The reason for this is the living conditions of families in the area where we served has been getting better. Young parents are now able to cover the expenses to send their children to paid childcare. Through this refocusing we can use our resources better, to help other children who are in greater need of support and care.”

The focus of their sphere of ministry is threefold.

Mother and child receive food from HOHM


1.   HOHM has entered a partnership with an organisation working with a Children’s Heart Hospital in HCM City. Most of children coming for treatment come from remote or tribal villages. The children are from very poor families who are in need of much help and support. The focus is to provide food and accommodation for the family members of the children while they are in the hospital receiving their treatment. 

Many of the parents cannot afford accommodation while their children are in the hospital and end up sleeping on the street. This support for families from poverty stricken tribal areas is a vital service. The demonstration of love and compassion in these practical ways opens people’s hearts to hear the reason why such care is freely given and brings opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. As a result the workers are seeing lives transformed.


Children in need of care

2.   A concerted effort will also focus on sending teams into remote tribal villages teaching people about the basic necessities of hygiene and cooking.

Many tribal people live in poverty and their poor living conditions along with a lack of knowledge leads to the compromised health of the children. The children suffer with various ailments, teeth problems, skin issues, intestinal disease, etc, which most are preventable with good hygiene practices. Lack of clean drinking water also contributes to the health issues facing the villagers. 

The program includes community cooking demonstrations that provide special meals while showing them how to prepare nutritional meals along with good, clean and hygienic food handling practices. Through this type of support the hope is that it will aid to improve the overall health condition of the families and their children, thus preventing sickness and improve their health.


3.   Along with this important health outreach program and support project for the villagers in tribal regions, there is also an emphasis on helping and strengthening the local church.

The workers provide a program for the church children, train Bible Class teachers and work together on evangelism.

In certain village churches, among the Hmong & Dao, children are taught to play music instruments so they can become competent leading the worship in their churches. Sponsors are welcome to donate towards the cost of buying instruments for the children.

Seminars on marriage and family for pastors and leaders is another essential service being undertaken in a number of the highland regions. Our partners receive regular requests to sponsor and run these important meetings, which are conducted once a month.

The founders and leaders of HOHM have displayed faithfulness, efficiency, sacrifice and hard work over many years of ministry. BHI is honoured to be supporting and associated  with this dedicated team and proudly endorse their work and leadership.

For this crucial ministry to continue; the work of caring for these children they need our support in prayer and finance. Your financial support is invaluable and will help enable the House of Hope Ministry to continue to impact lives for many years to come. Please consider a regular monthly or fortnightly gift.

Your support is invited as your gift will help this important work continue and expand.  DONATE

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