Another partner is Children for the Great Commission (CGC) & Pray and Praise Christian School

The ministry is situated on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia and was founded by a young Vietnamese woman Thien Ai. She is married to Charles Choi and together they lead this great work. Charles and Thien Ai have three young children; two little boys and a baby daughter. They have established a school and planted a church to reach the families in their region.

Thien Ai shares how it all began

“When I began  serving the Lord in Cambodia I spent the first 4 years working to build relationships with young girls who were trapped in prostitution. I worked alongside other NGO workers and together we were trying to help, restore and mentor them to create a different future for them.

As I got to know them and understand their thinking and beliefs, I realised that they had all been lied to. They had been stripped of their dreams for anything better, stripped of their hopes for making better or different choices. They had no hope for better jobs, no opportunities and a future with any kind of hope was beyond their grasp.

All their life had been bought down to money. ‘Bring money home!  Bring money home then you will be loved. Money is the most important thing in your life!’ 

As the Lord opened my eyes and I realised the true extent of the lies these girls had been trained and taught to believe and act upon, I realised that I had to do more! I had to bring them the truth.

I know the truth is in God’s Word, in Jesus Christ our saviour and the dream that Father God has for their individual lives and futures. I also realised that Christian Education is the key to that change and transformation; it is the key to giving each an open mind and the keys to their futures!

So I opened a Christian School among the Vietnamese community where they live on the riverbank as refugees on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. I opened it in 2012 calling it ‘Pray and Praise Christian School.’ It is a mission of ‘Children for the Great Commission.’  We have two groups of students who attend school each day and we also offer 200 full scholarships to enable students to study with us.

The mission of CGC is to bring the Good News of the Gospel to the entire community through education. We also are reaching out through planting a church and discipleship programs.”

A Dark Environment

Where the ministry is situated is a particularly challenging and dark environment. Families are poor, often with alcohol and/or gambling addicted parents. Young girls are sold for prostitution, boys are dragged into the drug trade and taught to steal. 

Riverside slum dwellings

This growing ministry is reaching out to the children of Vietnamese families living along the Mekong River in floating slums on the Cambodia side of the river. These families are ‘stateless’ rejected by Vietnam and with no recognition by Cambodian authorities and generally unwelcome by the Khmer community.

Ai, Charles, their teachers and co-workers are having a real impact on the lives of the children who attend the school and also on the parents as they see the change in their children and seek to know the reason why.

BHI has been involved since 2013 supporting with aid, leadership development and professional development for their staff.

Exam time

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NOTE:  Due to Covid-19 and local restrictions the school is temporarily suspended.

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