In a small town in an outer district of Hanoi a Drug Rehabilitation Centre was established in 2008 to minister to young drug addicts.

There the young men began to experience the grace, love and power of Jesus Christ; they were made whole, delivered, set free from drug addiction and a lives of crime.

A new centre 2020

This first centre housed over 35 clients. Further extensions were needed to cater for the high demand of young men needing to enter the program. There are now 25 Rehabilitation Centres operating in different regions across the nation, North and South.  After several set backs and challenges a centre for women was opened in 2018.

This highly successful ministry has marvellous testimonies of the grace of God and the saving power of Jesus Christ. The founder and leader Pastor Trung, reported that around 70 percent of the men who go through the program, do not return to drugs.

Redemption and a new life 

After attending the two year Rehabilitation program, the men and women are able to return to their communities. There they lead fruitful lives following Jesus and serve in their local church. A number of them are now planting and pastoring churches in their home villages after family and friends witnessed the dramatic turn around and their new life without drugs and crime.

Pastor Trung, the Founder of Bethel Rehab Ministries stated.
“Everyday I receive calls from mothers wanting me to take their sons into our program, but I can’t. We just don’t have any more room.”

Bible Study & Discipleship

It is a great joy to see men and women completing the program and now living transformed lives. 

A number of the men and women had previously spent time in prison. Some of them, due to ill health, were living with a death sentence over their lives due to the irreversible and incurable damage done by years of drug abuse. There are those who were literally in the last days of their life waiting to die when a worker/believer reached out to them with the message of life in Christ and invited them to the Rehabilitation Centre. Turning their life over to Jesus they were healed and restored and are now living, healthy, active and productive lives.

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Most of the staff at these centres are volunteers. Some who have previously attended the program are now ministering to the new residents. Some workers might receive a small amount of support from family and friends and/or support themselves by attempting to run small businesses to generate income.

Baptism Candidates

Testimonies of the miracles and transformed lives can be found in the book – Faith Love Hope – Vietnam. Buy your copy today.

BHI is proud to partner with this successful work and is privileged to play a role in the transformation and restoration of lives in Jesus name. Our own leaders also visit the centres at times, sharing and teaching the Word of God.

Your support is invited as your gift will help this life transforming work continue and expand.  DONATE

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