True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values.
James 1:27 (TPT)

One of our core values is justice, mercy and education for the poor and needy. Therefore our priority mission goal is supporting ministries reaching out to and caring for people who are poor, marginalised and suffering from injustice, illness and lacking access to basic needs including education and health services.

The Bible has much to say about the poor and it is obvious that since the early days of the church, taking care of the poor; was a priority and high on their agenda. This is evident by the words of the apostle Paul after meeting with the church leaders in Jerusalem.

They simply requested one thing of me: that I would remember the poor and needy, which was the burden I was already carrying in my heart.
Galatians 2:10 (TPT)

For everyone involved in missions it is apparent that one of the greatest challenges we face are the poor, how to meet their needs and provide adequate support. One can look at the challenging situations, be overwhelmed and do nothing or be motivated to do something. 

God’s righteous people will pour themselves out for the poor,…
Proverbs 29:7 (TPT)

Two of our main partners are featured below, who we currently contribute to, helping support their ministries. As you will see each of these are doing an amazing work with lives and communities transformed. 

On different occasions we have also been able to help others in our sphere of influence who have needed immediate emergency support, including during the world-wide COVID-19 Pandemic. Friends in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan and Vietnam.

We cannot help everyone, but we can help some! Nevertheless, we can choose to be diligent and help who we can with what we have, while believing for more financial resources to help more desperate people. Our constant prayer is, “Lord if you get it to us, we will pass it on.”

Every time you give to the poor you make a loan to the Lord. Don’t worry—you’ll be repaid in full for all the good you’ve done.
Proverbs 19:17 (TPT)









Lighthouse Children’s Refuge (LCR) 

Another great ministry BHI is associated with  is The Lighthouse Children’s Refuge (LCR) Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The work was  founded by Dr Paul Ai and his wife Ruth. The centre was created to provide a safe shelter for many Vietnamese children and young teens living in the floating village on the Cambodian side of the Mekong River. The outreach targets children who do not have a place to go during the day due to their lack of family care. It is helping to provide education and care for these children living in extreme poverty. 

You can learn more about this important and crucial work by clicking this link.