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“Lord, help me to live simply so someone else may simply live”.

Our prayer

With each of the projects listed below we are working alongside and providing funds for our partners in Cambodia and Vietnam. The projects are ongoing and the funds raised go to maintain and grow these important and essential works. Each of these projects not only give immediate aid, but plan for and provide long term change which leads to a better quality of life for all involved.

We cannot help everybody, but we can make a significant difference for at least one life. Please consider partnering with us and make a difference for someone today.

News and reports on the project/s you support will be sent and we can also provide you with an opportunity to visit each of these projects to see for yourself their development. If you wish we can also arrange an opportunity for you to experience working (short term) at one or two of these projects.

Fund Raising – An idea or two…

Often people tell me that they would like to give more and support a project, but they just do not have the resources. Some talk about “one day” when they can help (and sincerely so), but I have discovered that “one day” seldom arrives. We need to make “today” the day we step and out and make a commitment to help.

The apostle Paul spoke strongly of the grace of giving and to Titus he writes. “Do everything you can to help Zenas the lawyer and Apollos with their trip. See that they are given everything they need. For our people should not have unproductive lives. They must learn to do good by helping others who have urgent needs”. (Titus 3:13& 14)

You may ask: “How do I do that if I truly don’t have the resources?”

  1. Start with what you have and give a little. Sow some seed!
  2. Ask the Lord for creative ideas and ways to do fund raising. I have never had an excess of personal funds, but that has never stopped me from giving more and to extra projects.
    1. Run a chocolate drive. No set up funds needed, just some friends to help (we can help with this).
    2. Sell, spare, second hand furniture etc (yours or collect from others) on ebay or other.
    3. Organise a dinner, invite a speaker.
    4. Run a “fun” auction.
    5. Create a savings plan; x $ a week for x number of weeks. You’ll be surprised how fast it adds up. $5 dollars a week for 20 weeks = $100
    6. Sacrifice your daily purchase of coffee and cake? Put aside what you spend on “luxuries” for a week or two? See how much it adds up.
    7. Ideas are only limited by our own imaginations.

Then there is the miracle factor. Make a commitment to the Lord and tell HIM, “Lord if you send it to me ($$$) I will send it on!”

May the Lord inspire you and help you enter into new a realm of faith and giving beyond anything you have previously experienced.

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