Daniel (as he is known) is a bright, dedicated and enthusiastic young man serving Christ with his wife and two children. Originally from Myanmar, Daniel studied at the Asia Bible College in Yangon where he obtained his Bachelor of Theology. For two years he served as a youth pastor in Kanpetlet and also spent two years studying for his Master of Divinity.

In 2011, being lead by the Lord, Daniel moved to Malaysia. He obtained a job in a furniture factory in Johor so he could raise more money to finish his studies. It was during this time Daniel felt the Lord leading him to visit Kuala Lumpur (KL). He had never been there before and with his wife set out for KL. While there they meet with a small group of believers from Myanmar whose pastor had recently left the church. 

Victoria Biblical Church

Daniel and his wife were invited to pastor the church. From April 2011 to the August they would travel each Sunday from Johor in the south to KL to lead the church. When the church requested Daniel to become their full-time pastor they needed to leave Johor and move to KL. In order to pastor the church full-time he first had to return to Myanmar (September 2012) as his work visa did not allow for that change of employment.

In February 2012 Daniel and his wife moved back to KL and started leading the small church of 15 people. The Victoria Biblical Church quickly grew and has expanded planting a number of smaller churches in different parts of KL and other regions. Daniel worked hard at raising leaders and now has a number of pastors who serve beside him and his wife causing this work to continue to grow.

“I first meet Daniel and his wife in July 2018 and it was one of those times when there is an immediate connection with them and their work. It has been a joy to visit on several occasions since, to work with them and see their work grow.” Robin J Johnson 

With a burden for his home nation Daniel believed that the Lord was calling him back to Myanmar. His vision is not only to reach the lost, but to raise leaders and plant churches. In March 2020, leaving his wife and children in KL for a period of time, he returned to Myanmar to lay a foundation for future ministry and church planting.

Covid struck and Daniel was trapped in Myanmar for over two years before he could return to Malaysia and his family. Unfortunately in 2021 the military took full control of the country again and imprisoned the democratically elected leaders. Since that time the nation has been in a civil war and minority groups across the nation have been the target of the Military Junta with devastating effect. Lives have been lost, villages destroyed and people driven from their homes to seek shelter in the jungle and many going into nearby nations.

Daniel wrote:

“Now the Lord called me back to Myanmar to win the souls out of the unreached people in Myanmar. The calling of God in me is very difficult for me, but I am very happy to be a servant of the living and mighty God.”

There is now a network of eight churches in Malaysia among the Burmese living there.



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