An impactful way to increase people’s awareness of ministry in different cultures is for them to join a Short Term Mission Team (STMT).

This provides opportunity to see for themselves the work of God in different nations, connect with different people and gain an appreciation for missionary work. The duration of a visit can vary, but usually from 1 to 3 weeks.

‘To go’ is especially helpful for anyone with a call or who feel that they might like to work in another nation, either as a traditional or market place missionary. In today’s changing and challenging world there are still many opportunities to serve Christ among people of a different culture. 

Missionary work is not about imposing our culture or world view on other people, but it is the Kingdom of God that we must represent and re-present Jesus in their life and culture. Participation in a STMT is a good opportunity to learn more about another culture and clarify the call of God in someone’s life.

BHI has an extensive and informative orientation program covering basic guidelines, practices  and expectations to be involved in and a part of a Short Term Mission Team. Anyone wishing to join one of our teams must complete the orientation course. An administrative fee is charged for the course and to join a team.

Information is available for anyone thinking of joining a STMT – click to request info.

Can we serve you?

If you are planning and organising a Short Term Mission Team, you may like to talk to us about running our orientation for your STMT trip, please click here.