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CalfThese schemes are not new and have been run successfully for many years by various mission organisations. It has a proven record of success when done right and helps bring relief from poverty .

Money from this fund is provided (in our case) as an interest free loan to pastors/workers living in impoverished regions so they can start and run their own small business to provide an income to support their families. These pastors already support themselves working in poor rural areas. They serve Christ at great cost and sacrifice, planting churches and shepherding the people of God.

The recipient pays back his/her loan by installements over an agreed period, which is usually determined by the size of the loan and type of business created. Thus the funds are then available for another loan to be made.

Money may be used to purchase:

  • An animal to raise; breed from and/or slaughter for food. EG. pigs, goats, calves, chickens, fish etc.
  • A sewing machine
  • Seeds or plants to plant and grow
  • Raw material for hand crafts
  • A small vehicle for taxi and delivery services

Your donation to this fund will help us provide more start up loans for further pastors working in difficult and challenging circumstances.

Opportunities for Business People

For business people wanting to helping set up a business or play a role in training and/or mentoring in this regard please inquire by clicking here.

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