Fun Faces & Funds is our entertaining and fun project for the support of a young artist and the ministry in Vietnam.

One of our key partners is a very talented young artist producing illustrated Bible Stories for children. There is nothing quite like them; they are unique.

She is available to draw personalised caricatures; a hand drawn likeness from your photo.

A minimum donation of $25 will turn your photo into a unique stylised, fun cartoon.



This is an opportunity for you to have an entertaining memento while providing funds for the ministry in Vietnam

You may like to use a photo of yourself, your children or even a friend as a gift.

The drawings can be personalised with a favourite scripture or a short message can be added if it is a gift.

Two simple steps

1. Click here to send an email with your photo attached. Please include your phone number 

2. We will confirm your request and arrange payment. 

$25  (Credit Card or Internet transfer) 

Or click here to donate now. Please put the words “Fun Faces” and your name in the message/reference box.

Then your photo will be forwarded to our artist and your finished drawing emailed back approximately 10-14 days.

You can print and mount your picture if you want.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please click here to ask your question.

This is a unique and fun way to raise much needed funds for workers and the ministry in Vietnam.