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Go… A Significant Difference

Robin J Johnson Introduction I am writing this as a personal challenge to myself as much as I seek to challenge you who are reading this edition. In these days of global turmoil there is one thing that has not changed. The Good News is still good news and the responsibility to distribute this Good […]

Powerless Disciples

Revival is a spontaneous and sovereign work of God, yet not without some participation from man. Revival is something that most, if not all of us have prayed for, sought, still seek and prepare for. I think that we are never really ready for revival despite our best efforts of preparation. Nonetheless, to prepare is […]

Living holy in an unholy world

Robin J Johnson An exhortation for revival, to believe for, to prepare and pray for revival! In essence revival is centred in Jesus Christ. It is our pursuit of Him; knowing Him and being transformed to be like Him, which brings about a personal revival, which then can flow through us and impact others around […]

Same sex marriage

To change the ‘Marriage Act’ to allow same sex marriage serves no good purpose for the Australian community as a whole. Marriage, between a man and woman, has served mankind well since the beginning of time. There is no reasonable argument or need to use the title marriage to include same sex partners. The same […]

11 – 11 – 11

Robin J Johnson I would like to share a little of the stirring of my spirit over the past 24 hrs as I considered the day; 11 November 2011. Firstly, let me be completely honest. I don’t always get involved in “one day” things, as sometimes they are more gimmicky than purpose driven. I don’t […]

How beautiful is your religion?

Robin J Johnson In a recent news report it was said that a man who recently converted to Islam had his house broken into and was allegedly beaten, as the punishment, for drinking alcohol with friends. It was reported by 7News that the man had stated, “Islam is a beautiful religion and he hoped what […]

A decade of Hope

Robin J Johnson 2011 will be a significant year; for the Church, the world and individually. It will set the tone for the rest of the decade; HIS glory will be seen, nations will shake and HIS Church will grow. Introduction… A New Year has just begun, in fact a new decade is beginning. The […]

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