Today Cambodia still suffers from the devastation caused by the catastrophic and murderous reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge (1975–79), when an estimated three million people died and were murdered.

This is a nation that desperately needs a visitation of God to see transformation. The blood of those martyred cries out from the ground and Cambodia is beginning to see a fresh and dynamic visitation of God with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

In 2005, after an invitation from the then leader of the National Christian Churches Network Cambodia (NCCNC), Vibol Uong (now with the Lord) the Johnson’s have been regularly visiting and ministering there, as well as connecting with various other churches and ministries.

Today BHI partners with the Cambodia Christian Churches Network CCCN (formally NCCNC) who also work in partnership with the mission organisation Reach A Village; a discipleship and church planting movement. Their focus and goal is to plant a church in every village in Cambodia and they are well on the way to achieving that goal.

BHI partnership includes leadership and pastor training, participating and teaching in church planting schools. Our leaders also spend time with the National and Provincial leaders sharing the Word of God to encourage and inspire them in their work. When the opportunity arises Gospel outreach and healing crusades in provincial areas are held. In the past at these Gospel Crusades people by the hundreds have been saved as they witnessed a demonstration of the power and glory of God through healing, miracles, signs and wonders in Jesus name.

Major social problems still exist, even decades after the genocide of the Khmer Rouge regime. Poverty and the lack of good education are still problems facing families today. Though there is an effort to tackle these issues there remains much to be done before the nation will see any real change and improvement. Good leadership is crucial for a better future. While the current level of endemic corruption exists throughout the nation and now with China’s dominance over them, the future remains unclear.

Though Cambodia is 94% Buddhist there is religious freedom. The Church has a great opportunity to spread the Gospel, mostly unhindered. Many of the international ministries working there are involved in aid and mercy ministries. These “good works” often open doors to share the “Good News” and create pathways to see many come to believe in Jesus.


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