Author: Robin J Johnson

Change We Do Not Need

Robin and Janette Johnson Everyday we are bombarded with someone speaking about change. Mostly it is ‘climate change’ or ‘culture change’ the latter referred to by some as ‘cancel culture’. It appears it is the same small crowd demanding both. Pushing fear of catastrophic climate disasters and manipulating social engineering, knowingly or unknowingly and likely […]

Wait — Encounter His Presence

Robin J Johnson Wait – Burmese Chờ đợi – Gặp gỡ sự hiện diện của Ngài When entering a New Year it is not uncommon for leaders to share the vision and/or theme etc, for the year ahead. Many early on will hold a “Vision Sunday” which is a genuine and reasonable practice to start […]

COVID — Fact & Fiction the Implications – Part 2

Robin J Johnson ĐẠI DỊCH COVID- THẬT GIẢ ĐAN XEN Fact & Fiction 2 -Khmer In this edition I am addressing a number of topics relevant to the present situation — Submission, Lockdowns, Church Closures, Unlawful Gatherings, concluding with presenting Four Kingdom Responses. Firstly, thank you for all the positive and encouraging comments received for […]

COVID — Fact & Fiction the Implications – Part 1

Robin J Johnson Covid- thuc te – viễn tưởng_1 Covid Fact & Fiction 1 Khmer COVID-1 Burmese Preface Welcome to the first of a two part series. This is an attempt to address certain aspects of some of the things we face and have to deal with, living in our present circumstances. It is not […]

Deploy the Army

Robin J Johnson Do you remember the old saying? “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, there is certainly something sour and bitter tasting hitting the whole world and the ‘Church’ is certainly not exempt from its sting. From lockdowns and church services being suspended to the deaths of pastors and believers alike from […]

Church Gathered vs Church Online

Robin J Johnson Church online — yeah! Leave the pyjamas on, grab a coffee, relax, sit back and watch. Seriously? In reality that might have been the experience for a number of people. Nevertheless, how you choose to watch church online, well that is up to you and fine by me. I was just stirring […]

Expand Equip Encounter

Robin J Johnson Here are three simple words to consider as we move into the new year of 2021, which I believe are fundamental in our journey through the coming year. As we embrace them may they take us into the much more that the Lord has prepared for us; to walk in victory, be […]

Frustrated Helpless Hopeless

Robin J Johnson CHÁN NẢN, BẤT LỰC, TUYỆT VỌNG ( Frustrated Helpless Hopeless-KHMER Those three words sum up what so many are feeling at this moment of time. There are different triggers for each of us, but the outcome is the same with the accompanying mental and emotional stress, which we all experience at some […]

Every Life Matters

Mỗi cuộc đời đề u quan trong As we watch the different chaotic events unfold around the world I am reminded that we must not lose sight of the human factor. Men and women, young and old, regardless of the colour of their skin, all are suffering in these unprecedented times. Thank God the Good […]

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