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GUOP frontGod Uses Ordinary People

This is an excellent book for anyone who is serious about witnessing to family and friends and/or wants help to succeed with their evangelism and sharing  Christ. A great resource to read and also use as a text book in your “School of Evangelism”.

A book that is easy to read and inspirational. As one reader said, “I couldn’t put it down once I started, just had to keep reading”.

cd_gifts_2Gifts of the Spirit – Teaching Notes

Teachers Notes: Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit is a seminar to help equip God’s people; to understand better, experience and move in the gifts/manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The media (DVD) contains Teacher’s and Student’s notes (PDF), Power Point and front cover art.

You can use these notes to teach from yourself or just make them a part of the resources in your library.

im_on dvd2Inspirational Messages on DVD

A selection of messages on DVD preached by Robin Johnson. They include: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Heals, The Church Empowered and Healing Service. These are inspiring messages which carry an anointing to bless, encourage and inspire you to believe for more from your heavenly Father.

liflLife is for Living – Gospel Booklet

A 32 page Gospel booklet that is a powerful, thought provoking, clear and precise presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This is the new and updated version with modern graphics, but the same powerful message which has been read by thousands and touched lives for nearly two decades.

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Door_of_HopeThe Door of Hope – Gospel Tract

The DOOR OF HOPE is a modern, colouful tract, an ideal tool for reaching people who are seeking an alternative lifestyle and spiritual experience.

  • The language and presentation should appeal to people seeking a spiritual encounter.
  • A compact, unique and clear message directing its readers to the “Door of Hope” Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal life
  • Its contemporary appearance and language is suited for the seeker of “truth” and “enlightenment”.
  • Previously this tract has been used by outreach teams at “New Age” festivals.

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